About Us

Founded: 1947 year
Bussiness: Production of Low Voltage Equipment
Factory area: covered - 22 000 m
uncovered - 40 000 m
Tehnology possibilities: Manufacturing of bakelite, plastic and metal parts as well as their metal treatment and galvanic protection.

Through the history

The joint stock company "Rade Koncar – aparatna tehnika - Skopje" set out on its development journey in 1948. The beginning of today's successful company is with one small service work-shop which latter grew into the factory "JUG" for repairing electro-motors and transformers with about 30 employees, enthusiastically filled with hope that the new collective will bring them new perspectives as well. This is probably the classic story of every beginning, yet this group of enthusiasts kept on bringing tangible results: the production capacities were reconstructed, the investments have increased, the products line became richer, and by 1958 the number of employees grew to 134.

This unstoppable journey continued also during the next several years, and as a result of these qualitative changes and successes, the "JUG" factory was incorporated in 1962 into one of the biggest enterprises in Yugoslavia those days, the large holding company "Rade Koncar", seated in Zagreb. By joining this system, on the area of the initially created company with 10.000 square meters, new factory halls and production capacities have erected, new sophisticated machines were procured and the state-of-the-art technology for production of low-power appliances has started.
In 1965, the company "Rade Kochar – kontaktori i relei " was created, which is a beginning of one successful story, a story that is still going on!

"Rade Koncar - kontaktori i relei" grew into a unique firm at the Balkan and succeeded to completed its production program with own production of motor AC and DC driven contactors, modular and auxiliary contactors, bimetal relays, moulded case circuit brakers, rotary cam switches, electronic time relays, push buttons... all in all it produces all the basic elements of relays contactor management. During this, the whole procedure of supply of repro materials and their entrance control, construction of the parts and their tools, the production of the tools and the parts, their assembly into a final product, as well as the finishing control and examination according to the international standards was also completed.


Mr. Aleksandar Jancic
General manager
Tel/Fax:++389 2 2461 106; ++389 2 2463 509
Email: jancic@radekoncar.com.mk

Mrs. Ana Kirijas
Assistant manager for planning and analysis
Tel/Fax:++389 2 2461 106
Email: ana.kirijas@radekoncar.com.mk

Mr. Cedomir Stojkovski
Assistant manager
Tel/Fax:++389 2 2461 106; ++389 2 2463 509
Email: elpro@radekoncar.com.mk

Mr. Stavre Nackulov
Sales manager
Tel/Fax:++389 2 2463 620; ++389 2 2463 596
Email: nackulov@radekoncar.com.mk

Mr. Vanco Madjov
Manager of foreign trade
Tel/Fax:++389 2 2465 586; ++389 2 2464 167
Email: madzov@radekoncar.com.mk

Mr. Velibor Ivanovski
Development manager
Tel/Fax:++389 2 2461 106
Email: razvoj@radekoncar.com.mk

Mr. Milan Cvetkovski
Quality control director and advisor
Tel/Fax:++389 2 2463 596
Email: kontrola@radekoncar.com.mk

Our Partners

RADE KONCAR has developed a distributors network all over the world and our export activity grows rapidly every year.